About NT2C Group

Founded at the outset of the reformation and opening-up of the country, rising at the turning of the century and taking off at the time of the 11th Five-Year Plan and 12th Five-Year Plan, Jiangsu Nantong No. 2 Construction Engineering (Group) Co., Ltd is now the leader in the China construction market with its formidable strength and powerful competitive ability. Nantong No. 2 Construction Group Co., Ltd is a giant construction corporate group of state special level qualification in general contracting of house building construction...

Business Areas

Construction plate

With the core of lean management, fine process and semen quality, we should actively implement the strategy of housing construction major industry outstanding, related specialty doing fine and field plate optimization, vigorously promote the development of general contract business, and strive to build a first-class comprehensive service platform for construction industry.

Investment plate

On the basis of the construction plate, the synergistic effect of resources integration, the extension of the industrial chain business, the construction of the value chain advantages, and the cultivation of a rational and efficient industrial ecosystem with high efficiency are developed.

Real estate plate

Give full play to the advantages of group capital, design, construction and many other platforms, adapt to local conditions, adopt various forms of independent development, cooperative development and other forms, build green and intelligent boutique buildings, and make real estate brands.

Science and technology plate

In the direction of green, environmental protection, intelligence and science and technology, with scientific and technological innovation as the support, we actively promote the application of BIM, the Internet, the Internet of things, large data and other technologies in the construction industry, seize the industrial technology highland, create industry innovation benchmarks.


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